Postcards from Germany and Chicago

My first Postcrossing postcards in months and they both arrive on the same day.  I send two postcards per week (Tuesday and Thursday) so it’s funny to me that so many return postcards arrive on the same day.

From Germany, this postcard is quite popular on Postcrossing, so says its sender.  I can see why.  Those are some impressive mailboxes.

This is from Chicago, from a couple who moved from Siberia in Russia.  They tell me that they visited Portland a few years ago and enjoyed themselves.

Seamwork Florence bralette. Part I cutting

Here you see the bones of the Florence, which is one of the patterns that came with the subscription to February’s Seamwork Issue.  I ordered all the materials to make the bralette (sort of a lightweight bra) and for the Geneva, which is the companion underwear pattern.  Here, you can see that I did not need two full yards of lace.  This makes me rather grumpy.

Also, the total yardage for both patterns called for 1.25 yards of stretch satin.  But here, with some creative laying out, I can get four pairs of underwear and material for two bras.  Had I known that, I would have ordered a bit more lace.

See how nicely this pattern piece fits into the bits of space for the underwear?

At that point, I had to leave, so this project went on hold.