Lint Progress: Consignment store names.

What is it with consignment stores and dumb names. For example:

Seams to Fit.

What’s Upstairs.

It’s like the owners think cute or punny names are fun. To me though, they are just irritating. Even my favorite consignment stores are guilty of this.

There is the very hard to say out loud:

Here We Go Again Consignments

And even my my most favorite consignment store has a lame name:

Savvy Plus

It sounds like a more innocuous version of Mr. Pinky’s Hefty Hideaway.

The only consignment store with a good name that I can think of offhand is:


5 thoughts on “Lint Progress: Consignment store names.”

  1. It is funny that they all try to be punny. I am trying to remember the one in Boise that I used….what was its name? Oh thank goodness of the internet it is…one google click away: The Repeat Boutique. Not so bad. I would consign my clothes there and buy too! 🙂 Great! -S

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