So Kristen, she of the Good Wishes to Kristen Party, knows how much I love my birthday.  I think she also must know how much I love unexpected mail.  Because you will never guess what arrived today in the mail for me.

It’s a birthday scavenger hunt!  I get to find these twelve places around Portland, take a picture of myself with them and when I have sent her seven pictures I get gift #1.  When I send her ten pictures I get gift #2.  If I find all  twelve places I get unlimited bragging rights.  I know where six are right now.  You know I’m going for unlimited bragging rights, right?

One thought on “Mail!”

  1. What an amazing gift! Props to Kristen, she does know you well. I can't wait to see further posts on your adventures. 🙂

    I didn't notice the month until now. Happy October post! We are stuck in August!!!

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