Postcards from Hawaii and Seattle

Back when I was doing, I would have five or six postcards out.  My return postcards usually came in clumps of at least two, sometimes three. It felt like there was a special area of the post office where the postcards congregated, before joining together for the last part of the journey.

The same thing happened with these postcards, one from my Aunt, one from my friend.

Aunt Pat reports in from Hawaii.   Apparently my Aunt Carol bought a large amount of papaya in the Hilo market.  Also the Kona winds kicked in and the vog lifted.

You know Jan from her regular comments.  She sent me this postcard from a Yves Saint Laurent exhibit she saw at the Seattle Art museum. This is an amazing dress.  Thanks Jan!

5 thoughts on “Postcards from Hawaii and Seattle”

  1. Glad you liked it! The postcard hardly does it justice. It was a complete stunner in real life. If I owned that dress, I think I would wear it all the time. The picture I took of another dress is still my phone background photo all these months later. That exhibit turned me into an Yves Saint Laurent fan.

    1. I have this picture of you wearing that dress while cleaning the house, doing laundry, walking the dog. It’s a pretty great picture.

  2. AHHHHHHHH! I love these postcards! I love that we got a nod to what they shared with you. Why AHHHHHHHHH?!?!?! Becasue these posts fell out of my reader at some point and I’m feeling a wee bit fussy about it.

    There is a great documentary about Yves Saint Laurent that Jan would like if she’s a fan. Can’t remember what it’s called, but I loved it.

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