You know what this guy has?

A hipster beard?  A swarthy look?  Some pretty nicely airbrushed skin?


Nope. Well, actually yes to all of the above. But I guess also we’re supposed to assume he has syphilis.

I’m shaking my head at the concept behind this ad.  But it was fun laughing out loud.

3 thoughts on “You know what this guy has?”

  1. He’s very handsome! And so very Portland-y. I wonder what Portland men are going to do now that beards are on the way out? This ad reminds me of the Friends episode where Joey does a print ad without knowing what it’s for & finds out at an inopportune time that it’s for VD.

    1. I suspect Portlanders will keep wearing beards. It will just be a Portland thing. Sigh. That guy is good looking. I spent some time deciding if he was supposed to be gay. The poster didn’t say the problem specifically affected the gay community, but a lot of times STD stuff is gay-specific. (I know this because I read the paper.)

  2. Beards are on their way out? I thought they now have trendy things like glitter and ornaments for beards. Honestly, I think there are some people who just dig the beard and will always have the beard. And others will do it ironically.

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