Bizarro has been cracking me up.

Our paper has a darn good comic section. I read a lot of the comics on the 2-page spread, but last week Bizarro was funny.

This first one made me laugh because when I was young and Speak and Spells were popular, we had one. I was a bit hopeless at it, and had endless troubles with “Level One”

“Spell Angel.” It would say.

“A-N-G-L-E” I would type in every time.

“In-cor-rect.” If you had a Speak and Spell, you know what it sounded like. “Try a-gain.”

I would furrow my brow and type again. “A-N-G-L-E.”

The Speak and Spell never got tired of my continued misspelling of this word. It would just continue on, “In-cor-rect. The cor-rect spelling of Angel is. A-N-G-E-L.” And it would move on. After all these years, I still pause and visualize the word “angel,” or “angle” before I write them.

Note. If you clicked on that Speak and Spell link, you may have been as delighted as I was to see the box. “Makes spelling what it should be–fun!” What an hopeful slogan that was. Advertisers. So jaded on the inside and optimistic on the outside.

The humor of this comic depends on if you have a “Friendly Retired Guy” in your life:
I actually laughed out loud on the train when I read this. My father was a friendly retired guy long before he was retired. I have several memories of him going out on a walk after dinner and returning ninety minutes later to report that he’d been talking with the guy 15 minutes down the street for an hour or so. He can start a conversation with anyone, anywhere.

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  1. Hilarious! I never read the paper anymore…but I better start catching the comics soon! I love the angles one…as a teacher who has taught math to 6th graders…they are always spelling angles and angels wrong. And oh yeah the speak and spell…I had forgotten about that! Too bad I still can’t spell! -S

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