Before today, I really liked Goodreads. It gives me “shelves” on which I put all my books in various categories. It has solved the problem of the ever started and ever disappearing “to read” list, as I now have that list as a shelf. It lets me see what my friends are reading, which is great because then I can get recommendations from them.

But now I really really like Goodreads. Why? The never-ending book quiz. All Goodreads members can submit trivia questions about books which then can be answered by other Goodreads members. In my short time playing, I’ve answered 98 questions (1.2%) and my average is 73.5 % correct. That puts me 3896 out of 30215 people.

Want to do better? Sign up for Goodreads today.

The Story of Stuff

This is an introduction to the video we watched at the Sustainable Living on a Budget class I attended on June 18. When it first came on, I found it’s presentation a bit cutsey, but by the time the 20 minute segment was over I was both charmed and intrigued. In the days following the class, I found myself thinking a lot about the topic.

You can watch the whole thing in bits on YouTube or go to The Story of Stuff and download the whole thing. (It’s 50 MB, though.)