Three sentence movie reviews–Across the Universe

I wanted to see the film when it came out, but for various reasons I didn’t. This could have gone very badly, but I greatly enjoyed the integration of the Beatles songs with the visuals and the story (simple on the surface) was engrossing. Very well done and highly recommended.

Bechdel score. Two women: Yes! That talk to each other: Yes! About something besides a man: I’m giving it a YES! Amazing!!!!!!!!!! Is this the first one of the year?

ps: I watched it twice in a weekend and showed my favorite parts to Matt. Then I put all the other Julie Taymor movies on hold at the library. You should really watch this film. Really.

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One thought on “Three sentence movie reviews–Across the Universe”

  1. I was not so sure about this movie. It looked interesting. But I don't think I will see it. -S

    Great that it fits the test.

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