Three sentence movie reviews: Easy A

Hilarious movie full of smart dialogue with actors that are always fun to see: Emma Stone, Amanda Byrns, Patricia Clarkson, Stanly Tucci. I’m feeling conflicted about the ultimate message, but enjoyed myself so much during viewing I don’t really care. And the fact that the ending sends up three classic 80s films can only mean I am no longer young.*

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*The 24 year old Educational Aid at my work has never seen Say Anything. She has never heard of Lloyd Dobler. I get that she doesn’t have to get every aspect of my youth, but come on! Lloyd Dobler!

3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Easy A”

  1. I also really liked this movie. Yes, there were some moments that I thought this is not really a great message of female empowerment. But It was so fun I just let myself sit back and enjoy!

  2. I have passed by this movie title a few times in the store. I may have to take your review up on getting it the next time I am there. Ok I feel old about your 24 year old aid not knowing Say Anything!!! Seriously???

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