Flash Mob

A sunny day at Pioneer square with not much going on.

Except zombies.

Suddenly, children cluster and point at, what are they pointing at?

People in Pioneer square wonder what they are pointing at, as do the zombies.

The zombies try pointing at the children

Random passers-by record the scene.

More pointing, more confusion.

Suddenly the group of children break into spontaneous laughter.
Then they separate and drift away, leaving the zombies in a cluster.

Jo’s 4/5 class has been studying humor this spring and they planned a flash mob as part of their studies. The zombies weren’t part of the plan, they were a marketing effort by Ron Tonkin, who wants you to buy cars. It was a fun mob and I’m glad I got to chaperone.

3 thoughts on “Flash Mob”

  1. Wow! I heard about the zombies but not about the children. That makes me happy. Two of my teen volunteers helped arrange a flash mob at their high school one morning before class, involving the principal doing a goofy strutting dance at one point. I wish my library were big enough (and had enough potential audience) for a flash mob.

  2. How fun! I can't even imagine what my principal's face would look like if i EVEN MENTIONED THE WORDS FLASH MOB! Stupid caps lock! This is awesome. Bet the kids completely loved it!

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