Three sentence movie reviews: Magic Mike

I had only a smattering of interest in this movie but it was playing at a time I could see a movie so off I went. The general feeling in the theater populated by only women was a feeling of glee and that dissipated once the movie got going because, as my friend Christi commented, “Those are sad, tortured male strippers.”  There was a lot to like about this film–the dancing was fabulous (nearly naked or not, I appreciate some dancing), I think Matthew McConaughey’s “Dallas” might just eclipse his

Dazed and Confused

character, and I also appreciated the tempering presence (of the woman), who not only had a good solid female character to work with, but played her close and tight.

p.s.This movie launched me on another “personal actor film fest” a la the Vin Diesel film festival of last year and the Chris Hemsworth fest of earlier this summer.  Wanna guess which one?

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6 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Magic Mike”

  1. Channing Tatum? We've noticed he surprises us with much more nuanced and compelling acting than might be superficially expected.

  2. Indeed! Two points for Mr. Shafer! And as you will see, when I get the posts written I experienced the same thing during the film festival. I expected to slog through all his movies, of which there are many, but instead found myself really liking a lot of them. In fact, all but one so far. And he was the most delightful part of the so-so film. The problem is, when I try to explain this to other people, they think I have lost all ability to be critical because it's Channing Tatum.

  3. Lol. As you know, I don't find Mr. Tatum very attractive, but I agree that he has more acting chops than he's normally given credit for. Idk, I think you might have sold me on this movie. I'd have to watch it without Dan finding out, though, or I'd never hear the end of his teasing.

  4. Or! You could make him watch it and then he would see that it's not just a movie for teasing. Matt is "getting" to see it when it comes out on DVD, that's how much I like this movie.

  5. I was going to see this movie with some gal pals, but it never came to fruition. I also love Matt Bomer (we are White Collar fans). I would have guessed CT as well, but my woobs beat me to it!

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