Three sentence movie reviews: Anna Karenina

I’ve not actually read this book, (though I know how it ends) so I was going in with no bias.  I loved the claustrophobic/theatrical use of the stage set and in general this was a very pretty movie to watch.  The acting was also quite good (you can put me down as “fan” in the Keira Knightly column) and I was absorbed the entire time, though nearly everyone else in the theater got up at some point to go to the bathroom.

Cost:  free due to birthday movie gift card
Where watched: Regal Fox Tower

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One thought on “Three sentence movie reviews: Anna Karenina”

  1. We need to see this. I am hoping that my post-insanity schedule will allow more movie watching. I know I will adore the costuming and set design (those peeps better be up for Oscars).

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