Art Building

I’ve sensed a pattern.  Outside supports start to go up and the exterior of the next story is finished a day or so later.  Light shines through the windows of the newest floor.  Then the next level’s ceiling/floor must appear and block the light, as it has with the second floor.  After that, the process repeats itself.  The building is going up fast now, and I suspect that after they hit the final floor, it will seem like a lot of nothing is happening, because I won’t be able to see most of what’s going on.

Yesterday, when I took the picture, the flagger said, “Hey! Take a picture of me!”  So today I did.  He’s quite nice and will usually stop traffic when we cross the street for recess.  He’s like our own crossing guard.

One thought on “Art Building”

  1. How nice that you got a positive interaction with the flagger. Once it's done, I'm hoping for interior pictures. Just sneak in and capture them for us! 🙂

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