Where am I headed on a cold winter day?


To Caravan!  My friend Deborah gave me a stay in a tiny  house for my birthday.  Caravan is the first tiny house hotel in the USA.


We stayed in the Roly Poly, which is 80 square feet.  Here’s the main section.  The ladder stores on the wall when not in use.


Standing against the ladder wall you can see the house from the other direction.  I was particularly enchanted with the string art.


Additional storage space built in under the lofts.


The queen-sized loft bed.


Deborah playing the uke.  A tiny guitar for a tiny house.


Storage space above the kitchen.

After warming up the soup dinner brought by Deborah, we spent the evening chatting, her on one loft bed, me on another.  Deborah tried out different songs from a new songbook. I caught up on the newspaper. Around 10:30 we got hungry and ordered room service from the Radio Room, a restaurant across the street from Caravan.  Delicious pork tostadas were consumed.

4 thoughts on “Caravan”

  1. Why am I not surprised in the least that Portland has the first-ever tiny house hotel in the U.S.? It just makes sense. Anyway, it looks both adorable and cozy. Was it warm? And how was the noise level? Could you hear what was going on outside? It looks really well built but I’m curious as to how thick the walls are/how much insulation there is.

  2. It was warm, we had both the space heater and the normal heater. And it was in the 20s. The noise levels were fine, just the same as any other house. The wall are insulated, but not very thick.

  3. Sara Here:
    How delightful! What a sweet birthday gift. My dad is currently obsessed with tiny houses. This would be an amazing gift for him. LOVE it!

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