Caravan the next morning.

View from my window.  That’s the fire pit and hidden between the two tiny houses you see are the fixins for s’mores.  It was a very cold night, so we just ate the chocolate.

More pictures from inside.  The bathroom door.

Standard sized toilet hooked up to city water.  There was also a tiny shower, which we did not partake in, sadly, due to the fact it was cold enough that the water froze.

More storage.

Our departing photo.

Great front porch, with our room service tray from the night before.

Back view.  That was my bedroom window.

Of course, I had to peek in the box on this side.

2 thoughts on “Caravan the next morning.”

  1. It really is so incredibly adorable! I love the front porch. However, I’m not particularly inclined to feeling claustrophobic, but I’m not sure how I’d feel about using the toilet in a space that looks to be the size of a coffin. That’s a bit too enclosed for comfort. You and Deborah look so cute in your parting shot!

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