The other tiny houses of Caravan

We stayed in the Roly Poly at the Caravan Tiny House Hotel.  But here are the other houses you could visit.

This is the Caboose.  It is 134 square feet and has seating for 4-5 people as well as two bunk beds and a loft bed.


This is Rosebud, a 120 square feet traditional tiny house design.


This is the Tandem which is 160 square feet.  It has two queen beds.


This is Skyline, which is 160 square feet, but with a shed roof, so it seems larger. Of the tiny houses here, this is the one I would choose because I could put a desk upstairs where the second bed is and have my cozy “reverse loft” that I’ve become rather obsessed with.


This is the Kangablue, which is another 170 square foot traditional tiny house.

I’m hoping to book another stay one of these tiny houses in the future.  It’s fun for a night away.

2 thoughts on “The other tiny houses of Caravan”

  1. There is no way I’d stay in 134 square feet with 3 or 4 other people! Haha. That would drive me nuts. Seriously though, this hotel looks so cool. I’d totally stay for a night, either by myself or with another person. I’m so excited for you that you got to check it out!

  2. Sara Here: Oh how fun this is! Wouldn’t it be great to have a whole group of friends or family stay in the whole thing? What a delightful plan that is!

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