Three sentence movie reviews: Cinderella

The animated Cinderella was my favorite Disney film* and I wasn’t really convinced we needed a live-action entry.  However, while this does not break new ground (as in Maleficent) it is a grand example of everything being absolutely perfect in the film.  It’s worth watching just for the ballroom scene, which is exquisite to say the least, and probably worth watching just for the costumes, even if you don’t think you are interested in costumes.

Cost: $5.00 (Upgraded theater, upgraded prices)
Where watched:  McMenamins St. Johns Theater & Pub.

*Until the Little Mermaid came out.  Then Cinderella became my favorite of the old-school Animated Films.

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3 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Cinderella”

  1. Yes, this is on our to be viewed list. I have heard pretty great reviews about it. Glad yours agrees.

  2. The bonus besides the costumes is the Downton Abbey crossoverness. Fun to see Daisy and Miss Rose out and about doing other things! And I really love that HBC gets to play the fairy godmother and not the step-mom!

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