Another stunning generalization that takes my breath away.

“Jared Padgett’s extended family knew him as a happy, chatty person who was quick to hug, full of love and had a goal in life, unlike many teenagers.”
Um.  Most all of the teenagers I’ve encountered have goals.  I myself had goals for my life when I was a teenager.  Most of them weren’t really realistic and didn’t come to pass, but that doesn’t meant I didn’t have them.  How about giving the upcoming adults some credit?

2 thoughts on “Another stunning generalization that takes my breath away.”

  1. You know how it goes – most people forget what it was like to be a teenager pretty much as soon as they stop being one. And today's teenagers are always lazier and dumber and less respectful than the ones that came before. It's a lot easier to generalize than it is to actually try to understand another human being.

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