Back to the early twentieth century

I spent a year without a watch, figuring I would be like everyone else and just use my phone to tell me the time.  But you know what?  Sometimes I just want to know the time by flicking my wrist toward me and glancing down rather than rummaging around for my phone, finding the “on” button and pushing it.  There’s no way to do that in a non-obvious manner.  So welcome back Wenger watch!

3 thoughts on “Back to the early twentieth century”

  1. Awww. I don't think I've had a watch since I was in college. In my job in Dallas, I would occasionally see some really nice ones though and kind of coveted them.

  2. You know what is the funniest thing? I stopped consistently wearing a watch as soon as I became a full time employed teacher. I find it odd that a career where I most need to keep track of the time (even when I am not in my classroom facing the wall clock (which of course is positioned behind my student's desks)), I suddenly stop wearing something that I had worn, up to that point, most every day of my life. I have a couple of lovely watches, but nope, never wear them. How are you adjusting to wearing it? Do you forget it's there and turn to your phone ever?

  3. Mostly I've gotten out of the habit of looking at it, so I forget to check. I have a pretty good sense of time passing, so I don't need constant assurance. But it's there when I need it, so I'm happy about that.

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