Crane Coming Down

Would you like to make dozens of people look up? Even while walking? If so, install, and then disassemble, a crane. Not only was I looking up while walking past this, so was everyone else I encountered.

Also, look at this! The wheels aren’t even on the ground! They are being held up by these hydraulic lifts that extend from the crane dissembler thing.

Also. This isn’t a fast process. When I walked by at before eight a.m. they had started and when I left at 4:30 they were still going.

Note from the future. When the quarantine happened in March, the street had still not been reopened. It was close, but hadn’t happened yet.

2 thoughts on “Crane Coming Down”

  1. It is wild to think about the complexity of all this work. This is just one small component of the whole cycle of a building.

    1. Had I known about project management when I was pursuing education, I would have made serious inquiries. I’m fascinated at the number of companies that need to come together to get a building built.

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