End of the bus station

The Greyhound Station, a block-sized center of transport, has closed. No more will buses pick people up for parts unknown from inside a building. Instead, it will pick people up from a street.

There is a great undulating wall on this side of the station. I hope it will be preserved through the next development, but I’m guessing my hopes will be in vain.

2 thoughts on “End of the bus station”

  1. How interesting. Adventures in Babysitting scenes from the bus station would be hard now, it seams. Do you think they are all going away across the country?

    1. Probably? Air travel is so very cheap, now. And it takes much less time. I think one thing that has made a difference is that companies like Bolt Bus didn’t use the bus station, at least in Portland. If people are happy to stand in the rain waiting for a Bolt Bus, why should Greyhound pay for an underutilized station? Plus, I would guess the vast majority of people buy tickets online now, so that eliminates the need for full time agents.

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