SKS Postcards from Boise & Florida

Here is postcard 1 of 2! Sara said that she meant to send the Boise postcards from Boise, but alas, they came to me from California.

I quite like this Basque card!

Also arriving is this postcard from Tampa where Sara was attending a conference. She reports that this was her hotel and that the Florida weather has been lovely.

Apparently not for Floridians, who keep saying it was cold.

2 thoughts on “SKS Postcards from Boise & Florida”

  1. I was thinking: when did I go to Florida? LOL!!!

    I love that you got a Boise and a Tampa together. Funny how the two Boises from Northern California.

    The Basque Block ones were fun. We thoroughly enjoyed our afternoon outing to the Basque Block. It was delightful to be there again after so long.

    1. My mother just got back from Boise and she, like you, marveled at how much the city has changed! I look forward to seeing the changes in 2023 when we attend the 30th High School Reunion!

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