New Spot for Cats

Ikea advertised this cat cave insert for their standard bookcase and soon after I learned about it, I bought one.

This brings the hideyholes the cats have to three: this, plus a tent I bought from Ikea years ago, plus a plush sided tent that Matt’s mom gave me because her cat wasn’t interested.

Reporting from the future I can say that Sentinel uses the plush sided tent multiple times per day, they both go into the Ikea tent when they need to blow off steam, and they almost never use this hideaway.

2 thoughts on “New Spot for Cats”

  1. So cat typical! Arch very rarely uses the specially purposed cat beds/caves etc. that we have gotten for him. The only spot that has managed to remain a fave is the heating pad bed you also bought for your kittens and influenced us to buy for Arch.

    1. Yeah, that heating pad thing was spendy (and I bought two because of lack of sharing) but also is the most utilized cat thing in the house. Sentinel especially likes it as he’s gotten older. I think he has arthritis.

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