SKS Postcard from Boise

This came as postcard 2 of 2 so we will have to wait to see what the first one says.

I love this, though, because it’s from the Basque Museum in Boise. If you grow up in Boise, you grow to love the Basques. Who wouldn’t, with their complex last names and delicious food?

The back of this postcard says: “‘You’re cutting the onions and the leeks…and you look across the table and there’s a second cousin,’ Ed Orbea says. ‘So then everything stops and hugs and kisses and back pats.’ Orbea stirs leeks and onions on a stove top in the basement of the Basque Center in Boise, Idaho. These ingredients are used to make mortzilla sausage for the Basque community’s annual Mortzilla Dinner & Bazaar.

Sara says that she and Shawn can’t get over how downtown Boise has transformed. There’s a whole new skyline.

One thought on “SKS Postcard from Boise”

  1. I really loved these series of postcards! I deeply appreciated the insider connections and realities that they capture — as you have included here. I often take for granted the fact that not everyone grew up around a rich Basque community.

    MMMMMMM….now I want some yummy Basque food.

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