Day of Driving, Eight Eposodes of Serial and Ever Closer to our Passport Goal.

So we’ve got this rain thing happening in my part of Oregon, you might have heard.  And we do things in the rain, because if you don’t do things in the rain, you don’t get to do much for nine months of the year.  But man, was it a miserable spring day when we set out on our journey.  The kind with dark skies and pouring rain and everything just sopping wet.  The kind of day where you can be sitting warm and dry in a car and still feel chilly.

Our aim was to drive to Lincoln City, get our passport stamp there, then head up 101 to Gearheart and grab our stamps there, then head home on 26.  We brought along episodes of Season 1 of the Serial Podcast to keep us company.

This is after the rain had lightened up. I wanted to grab a picture when it looked really terrible, but I was busy driving.IMG_5117

One nice things about rainy days, you get some great rainbows.  I saw two full rainbows and another partial. IMG_5118

Our first destination.  McMenamins Lighthouse Brewpub is another strip mall McMenamins, this one located in Lincoln City. IMG_5119

Unlike most restaurants, this one had a photo hunt.  It wasn’t too hard though. IMG_5120

In fact, it was to the right of the clue. Here, Matt poses with the picture. IMG_5121

We completed that passport goal.  Aside from driving to Lincoln City, this was the easiest one so far, requiring only one stamp. IMG_5122

Matt chose the crab fondue appetizer.IMG_5123

I went with the bowl of clam chowder.  And I got two bags of oyster crackers!IMG_5124

Though it was a strip mall McMenamins, I liked how the second floor made me feel like I was tucked away in a crow’s nest.   IMG_5125

Our weather improved a ton and we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory, where I bought my traditional bag of squeaky cheese.  The factory was producing 40 pound blocks of cheese.IMG_5126

This is a terrible picture, information-wise, as well as compositionally. IMG_5127

We stopped at the viewpoint at Tillamook Bay.  There was a lot of wind going on.IMG_5128

Our next stop was a quick hike to Short Sands beach in Oswald West State Park.  The waves were crashing like mad.IMG_5129

Matt and I had visited this summer, when the tide was out and there was a good amount of sand.  This time, the tide was in and we discovered just how short the sand at Short Sands Beach can be.  The wind was intense–it pushed us off the beach when we turned to go.IMG_5130

We stopped at Gearheart Hotel to get our stamps and prizes.  This was the answer to the photo clue.  Unique to McMenamins hotels, this location had interperative text on nearly every photo.  This made finding the correct photo a challenge.  Luckily for me, a guy in the Pot Bunker Bar told me where it was. IMG_5131

Matt and Linda pose outside the hotel. IMG_5132

Though Matt could have gotten a second leather drink cosy, he opted for the pint glass and pin, as did I.IMG_5133

4 thoughts on “Day of Driving, Eight Eposodes of Serial and Ever Closer to our Passport Goal.”

  1. The Lincoln City McMenamins is a block or two from the rental our family used for a reunion last Thanksgiving. We had wanted to tuck in for a bite but it didn’t happen. Thanks for the peek inside.

  2. We stayed near here for Shawn’s family reuinion last summer. And yet, we didn’t make it to this McMenimins. We talked about nipping down for an adult beverage, but never quite made it.

  3. Wow, that was quite the change in weather! I used to miss the rain but it’s been so long since we moved away from the PNW that I think I’ve become a sunny SoCal girl. That first pic made me think “ugh.” Loved the beach pics though! And there’s something about those pint glasses that I find very visually appealing.

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