Dead Relatives Tour 2018

It’s time for another tour of some of the family grave sites.

The Anastases were my grandfather’s grandparents. “What do we know about these people?” I asked this year. Both of them had been dead nearly a decade by the time my oldest aunt was born and I was curious what had filtered down through the ages.

“I know that he just coughed once in the middle of the night, and then died,” my mother said.  “I’m not sure why I remember that.” Good to know.  Other things: they lived in Southeast Portland and their neighbors behind them were a very large family.  That would be my grandmother’s family, the Whitmores, with 15 children.  I asked to see if anyone knew what their jobs were, or such things, but no one did.

That is what’s come down through the ages. If I had more time, it would be fun to research them a little and see if anything comes up.

I don’t know Gene Wesley Hinds, but I do like the pinecone decorations someone used to decorate his grave.

This year’s entry into the Dead Relatives Tour grave decoration.

Then we ate at the delicious Verde Cochia.

2 thoughts on “Dead Relatives Tour 2018”

  1. Your great great grandmother married the boy next door? That is pretty darn fabulous! Love the pine cone border and the fern framing.

    1. Well, my great great grandmother may have married the boy next door, though I have no data. But my grandmother did marry the boy next door. Although actually the boy living across the back fence. And they were past being boys and girls when they did marry. My grandmother was 29-ish and my grandfather was 33-ish.

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