eBay Delivers the OC

And I, apparently, take a blurry photo.

Buying an entire series on DVD is all HBO Max’s fault. They had the series, and I started watching. But we were running out of HBO Max and I still was on Season 1. So I checked eBay and found all four seasons for the cost of, well 2.5 months of HBO Max. So I probably came out ahead, though at the rate I’m watching, it might have been cheaper to just stick with streaming.

But this way I get DVD commentaries about select episodes, plus bonus features. And, with season 2 they included a planning calendar from 2006.

This show was the vanguard for DVD releases. Seasons 1 and 2 are huge. Each disk gets its own page of plastic holder. By Season 3, they had figured out how to put two or three disks on one plastic page.

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