Gilmore Girls, Time to Set Some Limits

Not much is appealing right now, and so the Gilmore Girls has become the major project. And with each forty-three minute episode of the Gilmore Girls comes an episode of the Gilmore Guys podcast. And the Guys are not brief in their comments. Some of the episodes are as long as three hours.

The extended length of the podcast is both a blessing and a curse. It means I must go do chores, or other such things, but also that every episode carves at least two hours out of my day. My other podcasts are starting to stack up, and it was time I weighed my intense desire to be done with this show with the fact that if I keep going at the clip I am going I will be done by July, but other podcasts I keep up with will be horribly backlogged.

So I’ve made a limit of three episodes a week. This way I won’t finish until the week of October 10, but at least I will have a little bit more balance in my life.

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