How do you make a curved wall?

The office across the hall from mine was vacated, and a new company moved in.  As part of their move they installed a curved wall just inside the front door.  I watched the metal studs go up.  They were six inch or so inches apart and framed in an arc.  I wondered how they would make the flat drywall fit onto the curve.

I got my answer the next day.  It involves a heck of a lot of drywall screws.

3 thoughts on “How do you make a curved wall?”

  1. It would be a perfect sci-fi touch. If the building comes alive and “takes itself back” so to speak.

    Hi friend! It has been awhile. Life is settling back after our trip. Of course I cam home to a very busy week. I have such a lovely letter from you I am jonesing to sit down and send one your way as well. #Soon.

    For now I will post a few comments before I dig in to the last push on my article that’s due on Saturday.

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