Lint results.

As you may recall, my Lint projects this year were to meditate daily and to eat mashed potatoes every day.  Here are my results:

As you can see, I was much better at eating mashed potatoes, only missing two times.  The first time (March 22) I completely forgot, remembering at 9:00pm that I had yet to eat potatoes. The second time I just didn’t prioritize eating mashed potatoes.  I must note that I still like mashed potatoes and I will eat them again, but I was quite happy on May 6 to not eat them.  It turns out that while I could eat them every day of my life, they are not quite as pleasurable as when I don’t eat them every day of my life.  It would be interesting to see if Andy Lee-Hillstrom (the person responsible for this particular  Lint Project) would have a similar experience.

The mediation was harder, mostly because once I make a batch of potatoes and portion them out, scheduling the eating of them is no problem.  Whereas I must find time every day to meditate.  Most days that’s just a thing that takes some effort and then there are days that even effort doesn’t get it done.  I missed two each of Sundays and Thursdays and Saturdays, one Friday and Three Mondays.  Mondays are my longest workday, and Saturdays and Sundays have less structure, so there’s no “automatic” meditation time.  On weekdays, my “automatic” meditation time is right after I get home from work.  Thursdays, however, are movie night and I usually plunge right into the movie, which causes me to skip the meditation.

I will keep up with the meditation because I feel much better when I do it on a regular basis, much less high strung.

Here’s my final mashed potatoes breakfast, hidden under the spinach and eggs.

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  1. I am always impressed with your Linten resolves. I have found that my prayer/medication time has taken a backseat lately (for the same reasons you mention above) and it is something I know that I nee to do for my own sanity and connection to God. I need to be more dedicated and likely a bit more scheduled. I am hoping teaching summer school this year will help me stay on a routine.

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