Drat. Lining was off.

I am very much “over” sewing this dress.  I melted part of the lining because the iron was too hot (oh well!) I sewed a dart on the wrong side (it’s interior, no one will ever see it) and so I was very excited to put the final stitch in and have a triumphant try-on.  And I did.  And all was not good.  I didn’t properly line up the lining seams with the dress seams and voila! Messy, poorly executed bubble effect.

Matt, observing me taking the above picture said, “It looks funnier from this angle. Let me take the picture.”  So I did.

Happily, this meant that I had to pull all the stitching out and watch another two episodes of Friday Night Lights in order to finish the dress before attending the Greek Easter Celebration.  So some good came of it.

2 thoughts on “Drat. Lining was off.”

  1. Drats that it happened in the way. Yay that it facilitated more fun TV viewing and double-tasking!

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