New Dishwasher and Microwave with Range Hood

Here is our new dishwasher. I don’t love that we’ve been buying during a period of stainless steel popularity. It’s hard to keep up with the fingerprints and I find the industrial look to not be very homey. But still, I’m excited to have a functional appliance.

I’m also excited for this separate silverware rack. No more forks getting tangled in the basket.

The old dishwasher was indeed leaking. I had to remove things from the under-sink cabinet for this install, and I could see where the wood warped due to water exposure. It also warped the cabinet wood in the next cabinet over, too.

Aside from a new dishwasher, we also welcomed a new microwave and range hood. I’ve long wanted a better range hood. The one that came with the house never seemed to work, and the handywoman who installed the cat door told me it was probably too far away to do any good. By filling the space with the microwave that was probably always intended, we can lower the fan much closer to the burners.

Less exciting (and super frustrating) is the fact that when we bought this unit in August, the salesperson neglected to tell us that we would need to have an outlet to plug the unit into. Had we been told in August, we could have gotten on the electrician’s list and it would have been installed by delivery time. Instead, we have this workaround. And an electrician appointment in March.

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