New Phone! Google Pixel 3a

I made the switch from Virgin Mobile to Google FI. Both plans are similar: low monthly cost and you buy your own phone. Google FI has a variable rate for data and I might be able to lower my monthly charge slightly.

On the left, the new phone. On the right, the old phone.

I gave my usual three-minute search for a case. The new case (left) isn’t as good as the old one.

We shall see what the Google Pixel has in store for me.

2 thoughts on “New Phone! Google Pixel 3a”

    1. It is meeting nearly all of my needs. The one thing I miss is the “schedule texts” function which was built in to Samsung and which I used to remind myself of things. I know I could download an app, but I haven’t.

      Also, my monthly costs the last two months have been ~$25 rather than the ~$35 of pre-covid phone charges. If I had stayed with Virgin Mobile, they would have been a flat $35.

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