Not quite what the headline writer was going for.

I picture Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, resplendent in their explorer’s gear, sitting in front of a computer with worried expressions.  What’s this box? It’s so bright and shiny. It’s a web? Webs are much sturdier now than they used to be.  Have spiders gotten strong? 

(But really it’s a story about Lewis and Clark college and their difficulties with Yik Yak.)

4 thoughts on “Not quite what the headline writer was going for.”

  1. What's Yik Yak? And why does the college have trouble with it? The mental image of a bunch of 19th century explorers puzzling over the Internet gave me a good chuckle.

  2. My understanding of Yik Yak is that people can post things and their comments can't be traced back to them. Apparently people were saying really racist things, which is not at all a surprise. L&C has been dealing a lot with race and privilege of late. Which is also not a surprise, given it's a rich-y school for not super smart kids. (Pardon me, my bias is showing.)

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