November Rain, revisited.

fuKhGI watched November Rain last night for the first time in a couple of decades. And Man! The production values! I’m quite certain that Kevin Smith made Clerks for a fraction of what this nine-minute video cost.
  • It’s an Axl/Slash love-fest with hints of Duff and a couple of overhead shots of the drummer.  Was Izzy even a part of the band at that point?
  • There’s a probably-not-intended bromance thing going on. Why does Slash leave the church mid-wedding? Is he sad to lose Axl? Don’t worry Slash, you will soon get to comfort your buddy while he mourns.
  • The sweeping helicopter shots of the guitar solo outside the church are amazing! And very fun to think of the steps of filming them. (We need a church in the middle of nowhere. Lots of–what’s that color? Not gold–gold’s too glitzy. We need contrast here. Amber! No, not the girl! Amber’s the color I’m looking for. And then we need to see Slash from all sides! Don’t neglect the back. And there should be movement! We’ve got the helicopter for five hours! Don’t waste it!)
  • With all the costumes and trappery, no one noticed that Axl is sporting a mustache equivalent to a consummation stalled by impotence.
  • Slash however, looks good. Slash always looks good. I just googled him. Both the jeans and flannel on top of the piano and the leather jacket and chaps totally work. Still.
  • The smoking! Do musicians smoke so much in their videos anymore?
  • I have always loved, and still love, that wedding dress. Probably because it was made for a model, not for a 5’3″ normal-looking female.
  • I had forgotten the wedding-to-death transition. So abrupt!
  • The color change of wedding bouquet to flowers on the casket. Amazing! So obvious and yet so effective!

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  1. I’ve only recently begun to appreciate GNR (although I still hate Axl’s wailing voice, my main sticking point), but I’ve always disliked this song, and still do. I haven’t seen the video in at least 20 years. Maybe I should turn the sound off and watch it just for the entertainment value?

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