Postcard from Russia


This is from Natalia who sends the following quote by famous stage director Nikita Mikhalkov:

The essence of the Russian “people determines, on the one hand, the hope for a miracle, and on the other hand, the belief that all is not the power to decide but compassion, kindness, contemplation, compassion.”

I must say that I enjoy very much this postcard which purports to be–according to the back–The Cafhedral[sic] of the Elevation of the Cross in the Yuriev Monastery 1823. ┬áBut it actually seems to be a picture of a boulder in a field, with the cathedral off in the far distance.

2 thoughts on “Postcard from Russia”

  1. Haha! Clearly someone wanted the pretty flowers in the shot and didn’t know how to accomplish that without also including the boulder. I like it though.

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