Postcards from Graceland (via Texas) and Minnesota

This is from Heather, who picked out this card because the back also had a picture of the Graceland Kitchen.  Which is fab, I agree.  I’m not eating one of those sandwiches, though.  Nuh-uh.  You can’t make me.

This is from Sara, who got it while Christmas shopping at the Kate Spade store. It’s pretty, especially for an advertisement postcard.

2 thoughts on “Postcards from Graceland (via Texas) and Minnesota”

  1. Oh no! You don’t like peanut butter and bananas? And ones that are fried up like a grilled cheese? Oh boy are you missing out!!! There was a restaurant in Arlington that had exactly that sandwich as a panini. DE-lish! And I agree about the KS postcard. It was nice that it was free and actually had real space to write.

  2. I sort of want one of those sandwiches, although it sounds like a heart attack on two slices of bread (let’s be honest, that’s the best kind of sandwich). I love the Kate Spade postcard, especially since I just came back from the modernist mecca of Palm Springs. It looks like all of my favorite artwork from there.

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