Postcards from Hungary and Russia

This is from Shawn, occasional commenter, regular reader and also husband of a certain regular commenter.  He went to Budapest for work, lucky dog.  And lucky me, because I got a postcard.  Perhaps I can entice him to comment by asking him if it was difficult to locate postcards.  When I was there we had to go to three different stores before I found some.  But a teenager was leading me around and I’m not sure if he knew what postcards were for.

This is from Kristine in Moscow who has naturally red hair and loves the night sky.   Although she tells me right now there is only four hours from sunset to sunrise, so there isn’t a lot of night sky viewing.  

Great stamps!
There was also a quote printed on the back of the card which she Google translated for me as:
“And what we worry, crying and arguing about loved grieve before that could not stand.  Big eyed stars over the sea silk smooth surface rest by the night.”
I really like the art on this card.

4 thoughts on “Postcards from Hungary and Russia”

  1. While strictly tourist shops weren't as plentiful as a lot of places I've been, there were many opportunities to peruse and buy postcards any number of places. I ended up purchasing this one and my other postcards at a shop near St Istvan's.

    I'm glad it made it, too. I sent one to Sara here and it took a full month to arrive which looks to be about the same time you got yours. I had nearly given up when it finally showed up in the mailbox.

  2. I think the problem was that the teenager was taking me around the mall, and not to the obvious tourist places. Also, once I got the postcards, it was hard to convince someone to take me to a post office. I eventually found one, though and the postcards were sent!

  3. Wow, that card from Budapest is fantastic! I LOVE black & white photos, especially of cities. I also like the card from Russia. It's weird but also weirdly cute.

  4. I like that you got a B&W postcard from Shawn. It seems like you don't get those very often, either. Interesting! Fun stamps, too!

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