Postcards from Singapore and Russia

Here is a postcard of an ink and watercolour piece called “Cascade II[iii] from Chaomin who is a 21-year-old from China studying in Singapore.  She’s in Environmental Engineering.

The Russian postcard came with a beautiful envelope.  Less blurry pictures to follow.

Look at the stamps!  And the cancellations!

And the drawing on the front!

Here is the postcard from Nina.  I am the first Postcrossing person she sent a postcard to.  So exciting!  She is a teacher in a secondary school and she likes her work, reports that the school year will begin in two days.  Her favorite quote, which she wrote out and translated for me is:  You are rich when you don’t need anything, not when you have many things (much money).

It was a very cool mail day.

3 thoughts on “Postcards from Singapore and Russia”

  1. I think that must be the best part of postcrossing. All of the cool stamps and stickers and other international mail flair. Very nice.

  2. Somehow, the postcard from the engineer just seems like a very engineer-y picture to me. I was a Russian woman's first the other week, and the card she sent me was absolutely beautiful, an old photograph of people ice skating in St. Petersburg.

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