Requiem: Delia shoes.


Oh Delia*s.  How I enjoyed your catalouges when I was in my 20s.  This is my last item of clothing from that company remaining in my closet; the company has folded.  These shoes were always fun to wear because let me tell you, many men really enjoy big, stacked shoes like this.  “Those shoes are amazing!” many men (always men!) in my age demographic would say.  Perhaps they are not as aware of the fluctuation in fashion and the shoes make them think back to their college years, when all the hot girls wore big shoes like this.

The delia*s logo:


4 thoughts on “Requiem: Delia shoes.”

  1. I loved Delia*s, too! My very first message T was from there. Princess, n. See me. In pink of course!

  2. I bought some shirts for my niece there recently. Well, a year or two ago in KC area. I just looked it up and they are saying it is relaunching in August as an online sales only store. So, I guess you can requiem the shoes, but not quite the store… Does this mean I have to record this reference check?

    1. Ah! So it will live on! This is good news.

      You totally have to count it as a reference check.

  3. Oh gosh, what a 90s flashback! I’m not sure you could get shoes smaller than this back then. I’m not sure if I’m ready for them to make a comeback. Gigantic shoes look a bit silly on delicate girls like me.

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