Requiem: Doc Martin Wingtips

Sometime in the late 90’s, possibly even in the year 2000, I bought a pair of Doc Martins wingtips from Newberry Comics in Boston.  It was a big deal–my first pair of Docs!


These are not those shoes.  These are the shoes I bought in 2005 that were just like the first pair, which had worn out.  I bought these on Ebay and they were somewhere in the $20.00 range.  They were brand new, and I remember I had trouble getting the seller to send them to me. I may have rated her service very low.  They’ve been spruced up several times over the years, but have finally reached the end of their usable life.

Sadly, I checked at the Doc Martins store and they did not have wingtips that were as small as my size.  So my association with wingtips has come to an end. For now.

2 thoughts on “Requiem: Doc Martin Wingtips”

  1. Whoa, eBay has been around since 2005? I’m feeling so weirded out right now. Anyway, I remember these shoes. I’m sorry to see them go.

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