SKS Postcard: Birds are creepy

SKS does not like birds, or flying things in general. One of my top-five moments of uncontrollable laughter happened decades ago when she was telling me a story of defeating a moth, armed only with a canister vacuum cleaner and some cat food.

So this postcard was right up her ally. 

As you can see.

She’s also stepped up her game in the addressing of the mailed items lately. I wonder if the postal delivery people notice.

Postscript: we seem to be in an era of very dark photos. I wonder if my camera settings somehow got changed?

3 thoughts on “SKS Postcard: Birds are creepy”

  1. I really loved this postcard and hoped it would bring some amusement to you the day it showed up in your mailbox. Seriously – I had to make sure that damn moth didn’t come back out of the vacuum spitting mad at me…enter cat food. I love that the post included that connection.


  2. Yes, I wonder…do postal workers look at my lovely art work? Sassy lettering? Do they enjoy a little aesthetic in their mail day?

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