The Emerson School: No longer at 105 NW Park Ave.

Here’s the building where I spent nine years of my working life.  And as of last week, it’s a building that no longer houses the school I used to work for.

That’s right!  After 15 years at this location, The Emerson School has found a new home in Northwest Portland.

In moving closer to get a picture of the “For Lease” sign I laughed at the site of the wagon wheel, which somehow managed to escape both the junk collectors and the movers. I guess the next tenant will get to decide what to do with it. (I don’t think there will be a next tenant. I’m guessing this building will be pulled down.)

A nice time capsule of the color the room used to be (fuscha and turquoise) before Bre repainted it a more soothing color.

I am so incredibly glad I did not have to do anything to facilitate this move (two days of the junk people and five days of the actual movers) and I’m very excited for The Emerson School’s new home.

5 thoughts on “The Emerson School: No longer at 105 NW Park Ave.”

    1. Well, first I must be invited. But yes, I will probably take pictures.

      And I doubt very much anyone will snatch that space up. It’s kind of a pit. And if it’s unoccupied too long it will lose the ability to house children. We’re guessing that once the owner dies (could be any moment now, he’s quite old) the sons will sell it and a tower of some sort will be put on that block face. I hope when they do tear the building down, someone saves the huge, old-growth timbers in the second story. They are really amazing.

  1. Do we know why the school moved? I work just down the street from their old location and miss seeing the various activities.

    1. I do, thanks for asking! The school relocated to a new location in Northwest Portland because this space was, well, not the greatest. In their new location they are paying less money for more space and better upkeep. It’s been a big improvement for them.

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