Things have been happening at the City of Roses Motel site.

I haven’t been able to take any pictures because it’s become very dark in the morning, which is when I encounter this site.
But things have been happening!  First of all, they have removed a wall of shrubs that separated the house on the right from the motel site.  They also took out a tree in the back part of the lot and pulled down the ghetto palm growing on site.
Everything has been leveled (the kitty hangout depressions in the earth are gone) and gravel has been spread.
And the site has been wrapped in this.  I’m never sure if this is supposed to keep debris in, or keep prying eyes out.  Perhaps both.
My guess of what’s coming?  Row houses.  Maybe 12 of them, with underground garages. Although the rental market is tight, so it also might be more units than you thought possible with no parking.

2 thoughts on “Things have been happening at the City of Roses Motel site.”

  1. I wonder how long it will take for whatever it is to go up? I sort of wish it weren't more apartments, although I certainly understand the need for them.

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