Three sentence movie reviews: 2 Days in Paris

The sequel to this movie–which I watched first–was full of zany humor, and I assumed this would be the same. However, it was much less zany funny and more desperate funny, which I found enjoyable in a chuckling sort of way.  I haven’t seen Adam Goldberg in years* and spent a lot of time contemplating why, as an actor, he would get all those tattoos.

Cost:  free from library
Where watched:  at home

*I heard he has a new TV show this fall?

One thought on “Three sentence movie reviews: 2 Days in Paris”

  1. I love Adam Goldberg! If IMDB is to be believed, he was on a TV show last fall (2012) that doesn't seem to have panned out. Looks like he's got two TV movies & a regular movie in the works for the near future though.

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