Three sentence movie reviews: 20th Century Women

There is no discernible plot arc in this film, which could be the kiss of death, were the characters not so delightful to hang out with.*  I related to Lucas Jade Zuman’s Jamie trying so very hard to connect with his much-older mother about feminist issues** despite the fact that she was not interested in relating to her son in that manner.    The cast was outstanding, and there are several scenes in this movie I will think of with fondness for many years to come.***

Cost: $5.35
Where watched: Regal City Center Stadium 12 with S. North

*It’s also full of other stuff that could be really annoying, like intrusive voice over.  Somehow, it manages to make those annoying things not-so annoying.
**Using Sisterhood is Powerful!  Which was a seminal work of my teen years in the 80s and 90s.
***”Art Fags”; Elle Fanning’s list of why she likes having sex; the dinner party scene where Gerwig talks about things not talked about during dinner.

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  1. From the preview, this definitely seemed like a film that could either be super annoying or really fun. I wonder what I’ll think of it, if I ever see it.

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