Three sentence movie reviews: Bad Moms


Another free admission, thanks to my hotel stay at the Olympic Club, and another film I would not have watched otherwise, despite my love for Kristen Bell. However, the theater was filled with–judging from their chortles of glee–a lot of moms, and when you discard all trappings of “but, that isn’t realistic because…” then this film is very funny and all three main actresses are fun to watch, especially Kathryn Hahn.  While it was great to see so many actresses having fun, I do find myself questioning as to why the two men who wrote and directed this movie did not include any actual females in the creative process.*

Cost: free due to hotel package
Where watched: McMenamins Olympic Club

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*What would a movie about bad moms written and directed by women (or even actual moms) be like?  Maybe Hollywood should get on that?

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Bad Moms”

  1. Yeah, I imagine this would be a much funnier/better film if it was written by someone who has actual experience as a mom.

    I’ll probably never put this one on my list, but I’m glad you enjoyed it!

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