A walk in Centralia

Aside from watching three movies and reading, my big activity in Centralia this trip was taking a long walk on Saturday morning.  I walked Main Street until it turned into Harrison Street and took me to Fort Borst Park.  Here’s what I saw:

Given my upbringing, it was inevitable that the next work that came to mind after reading that sign was “Footloose“.

I was interested that this business was wholly outside. The garage to the right was rented to another business.

I also loved their muffler man.

Too many flutes at the pawn shop.

Typical setup.  Planned Parenthood on one side of the street, anti-abortion organization on the other.

Someone had placed a scrap wood bench in front of their house.

Crossing the Skookumchuck River.

Hoo-boy did I love this sign.  Clearly, at one time the Panda Inn was a different kind of establishment.

A “lady” tending her crop outside the Country  Cousin restaurant.

The Historic Fort Borst Blockhouse, which was originally built for protection, but actually used to store grain.  Later Mr. Borst bought it and it was used as a house while the Borst house was being built.  That’s when the windows were cut in.

Fort Borst Park has a lot going on.  I took the one mile trail around the park.

No one was fishing when I walked by.

Here is the historic Borst House.  It was not open for tours when I wandered by.

The Borsts had a lot of dead children.

This Oregonian grumblingly questions if the trail in Washington is really the Oregon Trail.

Another picture of the Borst house.

Master Gardeners! It’s always good to come across a demonstration garden.

There was also a one-room replica schoolhouse.  

So many things to do at Fort Borst Park.  The “Pioneer Soccer Fields” name cracked me up.  Those pioneers were big soccer players.  Or maybe they are fields honoring early soccer players?

I loved this brochure rack of information available to all.

Some of the brochures were a little worse for wear, but still imparting important information.

There was a swim center in the park.  And attached to the swim center was a…miniature golf course?

Look what’s coming soon at the miniature golf theater.

On my way back I stopped at the Goodwill.

I was blown away by their Halloween display, including Look Book.

You could also have a costume match up.  My match up?  Ghostly Lumberjack.  I like the May 23 choice:  Evil Hero.

I found a mini keyboard to bring along to the ukulele sing alongs I occasionally attend.  I loved the design, including the tape player that looks like a CD player.  Sadly, this keyboard is not in tune. The C is actually an A#, so back to the Goodwill (in Portland) it went, to delight another.  It cost me $4.00, so I wasn’t terribly broken up.

I spent some time reading in the Centralia Library and really liked this reading recommendation flow chart.

8 thoughts on “A walk in Centralia”

  1. It looks like a gloomy day for a walk. The Muffler Man reminds me of The Tin Man from Wizard of Oz. I got Hipster Artist on the Goodwill chart..and I imagine my friends will have a lot to say on that (some of them decides that I AM a hipster).

    1. That’s what it looks like for nearly all the winter in the Pacific Northwest. 🙂

      The plus of your friends thinking you are already a hipster, is that you can go as yourself!

  2. 1) I camped in that park when my dad and sister did the STP
    2) I LOVE the chile relenos restaurant there – which I do not see in your post. I may have driven there just to have the rellenos in my belly!
    3) Nicely done Centralia Library! I love that!!

    1. I did not go to that restaurant this time, but we went when we last stayed in Centralia and it was very. good. food.

      I had no idea that was one of the STP camping spots.

  3. 80’s Scientist for me, which gave me many amusing mental images.

    All of Joseph Borst’s young dead children made me sad, so I tried to find if he had any children that lived. I’m currently unsuccessful in that Google search, but I did discover that the Borst mansion is allegedly haunted. It’s a fine looking house, though.

    I really like the pictures you took in the park. Also, Skookumchuck is one of my all-time favorite words to say. 🙂

    1. I’m not sure if I’m making it up or not, but my memory is telling me that he had two children who did live?

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