Three sentence movie reviews: War Dogs


I snuck away for the weekend and free admission to the movie theater was included in my hotel stay at the Olympic Club Hotel, so I watched this.  I found it held my attention and was interesting and it made me want to read the original article on which the movie was based.* Teller and Hill do their solid acting thing, as usual.

Cost: free due to hotel package
Where watched: McMenamins Olympic Club

poster from:
Much grumpy commentary by the IMP peanut gallery on this one.  Partially for the Scarface ripoff, partially because the names are not attached to the correct head.

*I did.  You can get it by googling.  Not surprisingly, there is no love interest in the real story.

4 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: War Dogs”

    1. I’d say names-not-match-heads is the #1 comment on posters. It happens all the time. Clearly the poster designers do their design without regard as to which name goes first. Which is weird. You think they would care. Maybe there is some backroom movie poster politics I don’t know about.

      And yes, NFS film. Though mildly.

  1. I did wonder if this film was any good. I may add it to my Netflix DVD queue.

    I do agree that the poster is a total rip-off of Scarface.

    I wonder when moviemakers will finally realize that they don’t need to add a love interest to action movies in order to draw female viewers?

    1. Given the characters’ love of Scarface, and how they built their whole empire imitating something they were not, I think it worked as a poster.

      The love interest thing is the worst kind of female pandering. The main characters relationship was interesting enough on its own.

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