Three sentence movie reviews: Barney’s Version

On the one hand, this was a rather boring movie with an annoying main character, and I just didn’t care very much about anything that happened.  On the other hand, it was interesting to see actresses I don’t usually see very much of.  Also, there was a bit of a mystery that was solved at the end in a very satisfying way.

Cost:  free, on loan from co-worker from his library system
Where watched: at home.

2 thoughts on “Three sentence movie reviews: Barney’s Version”

  1. Another movie I've never heard of. I probably won't see it since I have enough to watch these days. Too bad it wasn't very good. So many great actors – you would think it would be better.

  2. That list of actors would really make you think it would be a great watch. Too bad! I love Rosamunda Pike (she was in the Kiera KNightly P&P as Jane AND she was amazing in An Education).

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